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Residential hydro-seeding now available for a fair price


Each mixtures includes: the appropriate variety of grass seed for your type of soil, organic compost, wood wool and the necessary dose of fertilizer that accelerates the growth of the grass.

* Minimum displacement fee 2000ft2, price for land ready to receive the hydro-seeding

Reduce the use of potable water as well as your water bill by 80%

Rational use of water by installing solid water crystals at a fair price.

Due to the new municipal regulations ordering the prohibition of watering the grass and the growing number of municipalities introducing water meter, you can benefit from the installation of solid water crystals holding 500 times their weight in water and taking 30 days to free it.

Solid Water Crystals

Solid Water Crystals

It is a 100% safe method operated by cultivators in arid and semi-arid regions of the wolrd. Now, your lawn will always be hydrated, even during droughts. We can optionally add it to the hydro-seding mixture applied on your property.

It is also possible for us to offer you solid water crystals without hydro-seeding by mechanical injections

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*minimal displacement 2000 ft2

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