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Additional 3 million dollars investment

Community Grass Treatment announces an additional investment of 3 million dollars in research and development. The acquisition of mobile laboratories, which is an essential tool for epidemic control, provides residents of the 200 municipalities that we serve the possibility to get a detailed analysis of the following fields of action: organic analysis of soil, chemical analysis of soil, rate of compaction of the soil analysis, agricultural analysis, water and micro-organisms analysis, analysis of the air in a factory as well as the mutation in insects analysis. The access to the information from the soil components directly supports the struggle of sustainable development and promotes a rational use of fertilizers and pesticides with low impact. The creation of 300 new jobs by the end of 2013 confirms once again the community involvement done by the pioneers of eco-friendly treatment in Canada. Therefore becoming the number one employer in the horticulture sector in the province.


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3 millions in investment
Mario Cloutier,
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